After Darkv6.13.4

The fastest way to the IndieWeb.

After Dark is a hypermedia authoring toolkit built on Hugo designed to create the world's fastest, most scalable websites.

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Streamlined Workflow

Ditch the bundler and reimagine your publishing workflow with capabilities designed to simplify site maintenance and speed-up content delivery:
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Web Mining

(Now in Beta!)

Earn incentives for staying up-to-date and reward your creativity throughout the entire content publishing lifecycle, start to finish.

Advanced Grahpics

Add a spash of color with your favorite high-res images, responsively using advanced performance techniques and visual effects without touching an image editor.

Ludicrous Speed

Load pages over the wire in milliseconds without relying on complex build systems and generate over 1000 pages per second using commodity hardware.

Easily Customized

Toggle between 1 of 8 customizable skin styles or disable them entirely and use custom layouts and styles to take complete design control.

Securely Designed

Verify you are using a genuine After Dark release online or off using secure cryptographic release hashes and upgrade your site remotely in seconds.