Explore the many features available to you in After Dark.
Choose a feature to learn more or run the Quick Install to download and install After Dark and use the Online Help try any of these yourself:
Feature Description
Air Gapping Build and run your entire site without Internet access.
Code Highlighter Highlight code written in more than 160 languages.
Custom Layouts Customize layouts without modifying theme source.
Custom Styles Modify theme styles for complete design control.
Error Page Give visitors a reason to stay when errors occur.
Fetch Injection Load external scripts and styles with incredible speed.
Fuzzy Search Quickly locate indexed content anywhere on the site.
Index Blocking Define pages to prevent them from appearing in search.
Instant Views Instantly preview your content from within Telegram.
JIT Requests Maximize resources while minimizing external requests.
Keywords Meta Add semantic detail regarding content subject matter.
Last Modified Help visitors understand when posts were last modified.
Lazy Loading Defer loading of images, iframes and scripts.
Link Typing Explicitly indicate relationships between documents.
Module System Enhance site functionality with add-on modules.
Online Help Complete self-hosted help guide and example website.
Post Bylines Create human and machine readable bylines in posts.
Post Images Add large hero images without touching an image editor.
Quick Install One command is all you need to start a new website.
Referrer Policy Specify how much info is passed to external links.
Related Content Promote more of your content to your site's visitors.
Release Hashes Verify you are using genuine After Dark software.
SVG Favicon Decorate your site with a unique SVG favicon.
Section Menu Display a contextual site-wide navigation with links.
Skin Styles Choose one of eight customizable skin styles.
Snippets Share code between Shortcodes and Custom Templates.
Social Meta Share links with images on Facebook and Twitter.
Structured Data Give search engines rich info about site structure.
Table of Contents Quickly locate information in longer posts.
Taxonomy Pages Navigate the site using author-defined taxonomies.
Trim Color Define the color used to display borders around your site.
Upgrade Script Check for After Dark updates and upgrade effortlessly.
Webmaster Tools Test and submit your site with popular search engines.