Section Menu

Display a contextual site-wide navigation with links.

After Dark uses Hugo’s Section Menu for “Lazy” Bloggers to create a site-wide navigational aid. The section menu is disabled by default.

Interactive Example

Enable it by toggling the show_menu setting in your site configuration:

  show_menu = false # set to `true` to enable section menu

With the menu enabled navigation links will begin appearing automatically on a per-section basis whenever Published Content is available within that section.

Link to stand-alone pages from Front Matter by specifying menu = "main":

title = "About"
menu = "main"

Adjust link names and menu position by adding the following code block to your Site Configuration and modifying it to meet your needs:

  name = "Home"
  weight = 1
  identifier = "home"
  url = "/"

  name = "Posts"
  weight = 2
  identifier = "post"
  url = "/post/"

See Menus in Hugo for additional information.

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