Instant Views

Instantly preview your content from within Telegram.

After Dark provides a template guide to enable Telegram Instant Views for posts. Use it to create an Instant View Template on the Telegram site:

# enable for items in the post section
?path: /post/.+

# define required elements
title: //*[@itemprop="headline"]
body: //*[@itemprop="articleBody"]

# if cover exists, define images
?exists: //head/meta[@property="og:image"]/@content
cover: //head/meta[@property="og:image"]/@content
image_url: $cover/self::img/@src

# author and post date extracted automatically

Preview your results on the Telegram site:

Telegram Instant View screenshot

Additionally, if your site has a telegram channel, you can specify it by setting the following in your site config:

  telegram_channel = "channelname" # omit the leading `@`

Specifying a channel name allows Telegram users to join your channel with a single click from within an Instant View.

See the Instant View on Telegram for additional information.