Create links with external icon and custom behavior.
Basic usage: {{< external href="" text="After Dark" />}} {{< external href="" />}} After Dark Shorthand usage: {{< external "" "After Dark" />}} {{< external href="" />}} {{< external "wss://" />}} After Dark wss:// Note: URIs such as those using the wss scheme may be considered unsafe by the Go template package. Learn more in the package Security Model. With a trusted URL: {{< external trusted="true" href="wss://fs1.

Index Blocking

Define pages to prevent them from appearing in search.
After Dark uses the noindex robots meta directive to prevent search engines from crawling and indexing certain parts of your site. It appears in the HTML document head and looks like this: <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> Unlike robots.txt meta directives are defined within page content itself and unambiguously indicate which, if any, pages should be blocked from indexing — even if some of those pages appear in your site’s Sitemap. To facilitate the discovery of index blocked pages Fuzzy Search utilizes the very same meta directive exposed to search engines to prevent disclosure of pages in its own result listings.

Section Menu

Display a contextual site-wide navigation with links.
After Dark uses Hugo’s Section Menu for “Lazy” Bloggers to create a site-wide navigational aid. The section menu is disabled by default. Interactive Example Overview Features Modules Shortcodes Extras Search Enable it from menu.main layout config in your site configuration: [] hidden = true # set `false` or remove to show section menu With the menu enabled navigation links will begin appearing automatically on a per-section basis whenever Published Content is available within that section.

Taxonomy Pages

Navigate the site using author-defined taxonomies.
After Dark generates categorical and tag taxonomy and taxonomy terms pages and links to them automatically in posts using Post Bylines. Given the following page Front Matter for a post type: categories = ["navigation"] tags = ["links", "taxonomy"] The following taxonomy links would appear in the byline: Published [by author] [publishdate or date] in navigation and tagged links and taxonomy using [wordcount] words. The following Index Blocked taxonomy pages generated: